Birth Injuries To Babies

America has the highest level of obstetrical care in the world. However, the birth process is one of the most medically dangerous times in a woman's life. Simple errors or misjudgment in the birth room or during pre- or postnatal care can result in tragic birth injuries and medical problems that can affect a mother or baby for a lifetime.

Turn to Houston birth injury lawyer Hartley Hampton to learn how he and his experienced legal team can help you fight for compensation for all types of birth injuries caused by obstetric malpractice or labor and delivery errors. Such cases may involve:

A Note About Perinatal Asphyxia

Brain injury to a fetus or newborn may result in developmental delays that affect his or her quality of life, capacity to live independently and ability to work. In some cases, a brain injury can be attributed to genetic or growth abnormalities that occurred during fetal development. However, there are other cases where brain trauma may have been preventable during the course of the mother's labor and delivery, such as with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) or neonatal encephalopathy.

Hampton & King has experience representing families in complex cases involving brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries to babies. We assist families with all aspects of the matter. For instance, we can help you determine the cause of cerebral palsy in your child and who is liable. We can also help you understand the costs and locate resources to help your child.

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